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Reach Your Customers with Mobile Content
The promise of emerging mobile markets and higher bandwidth wireless networks has encouraged development of new multimedia content optimized for handheld platforms. Websites, animation, games, TV, movies, videos, greeting cards, wallpapers, digital music downloads and more will be accessible from phones or mobile devices.

Mobile Use is on the Rise
As mobile devices proliferate, users are accessing data such as news, weather, sports, movie trailers, horoscopes, reviews, TV listings, maps, public transport schedules, event information, lottery results and stock reports directly on their handheld platforms. In a recent survey,1 users were asked how they learned about the availability of mobile content. Increasingly, users report that they discover new content directly on their mobile devices without learning about it on a desktop computer first. This trend implies that businesses should consider the development of websites optimized for mobile access.

Position Your Business in the Mobile Market
As the demand for engaging mobile content grows, your business can communicate its message effectively in this new environment. Skoubo Graphics can help design your mobile content, whether you are looking for a mobile website, ad messaging, interactive and educational content, mobile user interface design or event promotions.

1 Australian Interactive Media Industry Association (AIMIA), The Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index, March 2007

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