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Ads On and For Your Website
Creating a solid marketing plan for your website involves the planning of advertising campaigns for digital, broadcast and print media, plus a well-executed search engine strategy. The ability of rich online media platforms to support a wide range of content (e.g., animation, video, games, music) allows them to deliver highly-targeted, personalized messaging. According to a recent report by Pew Internet & American Life Project, 74% of high-speed broadband users watch or download video online, with one in eight Internet users viewing or downloading commercials. New marketing opportunities are also emerging in the rapidly evolving mobile sector with more than 220 million mobile subscribers in the United States alone.

Use website advertising to:

Deliver your message using:

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Rocky Mountain PBS eNews Rocky Mountain PBS eNews eNewsletters

Build and nurture client relationships by using eNewsletters or eZines that deliver useful information. Content tailored to the reader's interests carries more impact than simply promoting your business. Online customers can tell when you have taken the time to understand and provide a solution to their specific business needs.

Five key elements to creating a successful eNewsletter:

  • Customer first
    Write about topics of interest to your readers. Address commonly
    asked questions or concerns. Link to additional details that may
    be available on your website.
  • Quality content
    Respect your readers' time by providing researched information
    that is of value to your audience.
  • Tone and style
    Speak to your readers in their vernacular. Technical eNewsletters
    should use terminology familiar in the industry. In other cases, a
    conversational tone and illustrations may be more effective.
  • Protect subscribers' privacy
    Honor the trust your subscribers have placed in you by keeping their
    email addresses private. Always offer a way for readers to unsubscribe.
  • Consistency
    Determine realisticly how often you can publish the eNewsletter, and
    inform your readers of this frequency so they know what to expect.
    Then deliver what you have promised.

eMail Marketing
Spam has created an environment where many emails are not even read, so it is important to communicate clearly, effectively and respectfully in the messages you send. A great message will be passed along by your subscribers to others. When possible, offer your customers ways of requesting specific information that is useful to them. Provide options for easily changing an email address or unsubscribing.

Deliver your marketing message using:

  • "postcard" & "full-page" email promotions
  • special-offer email coupons
  • event notices & reminders
  • online product sales
  • animation & cartoons

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eMarketing Glossary of Terms

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