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Peter Cincotti: Live in New York SuperDiscPeter Cincotti—Live in New York was filmed on a hot steamy summer street and nearby rooftop over the course of two days.

Singer, songwriter and pianist, Peter Cincotti has impressed listeners around the world with his undeniable talent. The New York Times declared 22-year-old Peter Cincotti “one of he most promising singer-pianists of the next generation.”

Live in New York SuperDisc includes 14 songs and 3 bonus tracks performed with Peter Cincotti’s band, as well as his favorites from On The Moon, an album Peter Cincotti wrote while on the road in Berlin. Every song on the SuperDisc (music DVD and CD) is available in multiple sound formats.

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Skoubo Graphics worked with AM-DVD to produce DVD animation graphics for the Monster Music SuperDisc music DVD. The darker-toned color scheme and “low-light” ambience help to create a relaxing atmospere where you can sit back and enjoy the incredible music experience.
Peter Cincotti: Live in New York
The Monster Music SuperDisc of Peter Cincotti (music DVD and CD) offers multiple sound formats, including high definition surround and stereo. High definition digital music files, WMA (Windows) and AAC (Apple, iPod), can be downloaded to play on computer or portable music player. Skoubo Graphics created graphic animations for the user interface on Peter Cincotti's music DVD.
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