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Colorado Channel Walled Garden
October 2000

The first in a series of interactive TV trials, the Colorado Channel was part of an AT&T iTV pilot program. PBS worked with Rocky Mountain PBS and WGBH’s NOVA online producers to create interactive content for the Liberate iTV platform on the DCT 2000 set-top box.

Walled Garden

In this trial, iTV content consisted of images, text and interactive elements on pages with coding supported by the Liberate platform. An interactive menu, similar to an electronic program guide, provided links to content stored on the iTV server. This content lives on the cable system in a virtual channel, also known as a “walled garden.” It is available to viewers anytime they choose to access it.
Pictured on right: Colorado Channel “Home”
featurs a new program each day.
The Colorado Channel trial was part of an AT&T interactive TV pilot program, and a collaboration between PBS, Rocky Mountain PBS and Liberate.
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