40th Anniversary
A Charlie Brown Christmas

Ray Charles
Charlie Brown
Vince Guaraldi
Peter Cincotti
Skoubo Graphics
D V D | A n i m a t i o n

A Charlie Brown Christmas SuperDisc

A Charlie Brown Christmas, family favorite and well-known cartoon, celebrates its 40th anniversary with the release of new sound mixes on Monster Music’s SuperDisc. Monster Music took the original recordings of Vince Guiraldi and added new dimensions to the music by creating surround mixes simulating a jazz club or orchestra environment. The “In the Room” mix is just like being in the same room as the musicians.

Surround Mixes Feature Great Jazz Artists
You select the music and how you like to experience it. The 12 song selection features well-known jazz musicians and are presented in an array of sound mixes including digital music flies for Mac, PC or MP3 players.

Easy to Use, Easy to Enjoy the Music
Skoubo Graphics worked with AM-DVD to produce DVD animation graphics for the user interface. The artistic goal was to keep the character and style of the lovable Charlie Brown cartoons while making it easy for the user to enjoy the music. This project involved teams of talented musicians, producers (including David Benoit), engineers, artists and technicians.

A Charlie Brown Christmas
The Monster Music SuperDisc offers multiple sound formats, including high definition surround and stereo, on CD and DVD. High definition digital music files, WMA (Windows) and AAC (Apple, iPod), can be downloaded to play on computer or portable music player. Skoubo Graphics created graphic animations for the user interface on the DVD.
more on the SuperDisc at Monster Music>
”Behind the Scenes“ with David Benoit at Monster Music>

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