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Flash Tips, Tutorials and Resources
Skoubo Graphics occasionally hears from designers inquiring about how specific Flash projects were developed. We encourage an environment of shared knowledge and creative thinking. The following tips, tutorials and resources address some of the frequently asked questions about developing Flash content. We have also included links to some of our favorite Flash sites.

Creating Flash Content for Mobile Devices

Handling Device Key Press Events: Total Video Training Learn about the differences between mobile Flash content and Flash content for the desktop.

Mobile Learning: Adobe Captivate Content on Video iPod Silke Fleischer from Adobe covers Flash content development for mobile learning (m-learning) with portable devices.

Designing Engaging Mobile Experiences (PDF) Adobe's guide to developing engaging Flash content for mobile devices.

Porting JsME Games to Flash Lite Mariam Dholkawala from Indiagames Ltd. explains the porting of games to other platforms.

Creating a Macromedia Flash Portfolio for Mobile Devices Nader Nejat explains how to give a great first impression by developing a flash portfolio viewable on hand-held devices.

Developing Flash Games

Train Simple's Flash 8 Video View eight Flash tutorials covering key elements of Flash-based game development, including parallax scrolling, character movement using trigonometry, dynamically loading enemies via XML and adding sound to the game. Host Jiro Ietaka does a great job of clearly explaining important game concepts such as acceleration vs. velocity and gravity simulation.

Designing and Animating Characters in Flash 8 Chris Georgenes' best-kept secrets about complex animation of characters in Flash. His step-by-step process has great information about drawing, working with symbols, cleaning up sketches and the art of using "2.5D" in Flash.

Flash Security and Legal Issues

DRM and Digital Media Protection with Flash Media Server Chris Hock explains how to protect your audio and video content using Macromedia Flash and Macromedia Flash Server for streaming content.

Cross-domain Policy File Usage Recommendations for Flash Player Learn about the Flash's powerful cross-domain functionality that allows Flash-based rich Internet applications to share information.

Adobe Flash Security and Adobe Enterprise Solutions: White Paper (PDF) Adobe's information about the Flash security model, authentication and Flash security solutions.

Adobe Flash Player 9 Security: White Paper (PDF) A detailed guide about the many security features of Adobe Flash Player 9.

Macromedia Flash Player 8 Security-Related APIs: White Paper (PDF) A security guide to Macromedia's Flash Player 8.

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