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Interactive TV, also known as iTV, idTV, eTV or ITV, allows the viewer to interact with television content. The interaction may be as simple as selecting a program with the remote from a televised broadcast schedule, to a more complex interaction where real-time viewer voting determines how the live television program will continue. The following information provides examples of iTV production, as well as resources, research and iTV news.

Interactive Television Resources

Interactive Television Wikipedia explains interactive television

Interactive Television Alliance An independent trade association representing the iTV industry

The ETV Cookbook The PBS "How To" guide to Enhanced TV

iTV Dictionary Definitions of Interactive Television, Enhanced TV, Mobile iTV, Internet TV, Web TV and related terms

BBC News on Interactive TV Multiscreen interactive television

iTV Production
The following examples showcase iTV programs from Skoubo Graphics and other companies around the world.

Colorado Channel Walled Garden Interactive television content featuring Colorado-related PBS programs. Viewers can access tv program schedule, episode descriptions, events calendar, and Rocky Mountain PBS membership and store information on demand.

Colorado Channel Microsoft TV Colorado-based program content designed for the Motorola DCT 5000 set-top box, delivered via cable. An interactive map allows viewers to zoom into key points of interest on the map as the television program continues to air in a sized-down viewing area. Program descriptions; broadcast schedules; shop, events and membership information are available

Life 360 PBS Television Series The PBS television series Life 360 offered both national and localized iTV content to its viewing audience. Local television stations received rough-cuts of each program while in production, and then developed interactive content surrounding program themes selected by the national producers. Both national and local television enhancements, as well as additional program content on the website, made it easy for viewers to drill down to as much, or as little information as they would like.

Broadband Bananas Browse the interactive TV video vault with more than 200 interactive TV examples from productions around the world.

Interactive TV Today Screenshot Gallery Review the collection of interactive TV screen designs.

Interactive TV News and Research

IPTV News Analyst International interactive television news

IPTV World Series Live and on-demand iTV content over broadband

Mobiletv news Broadcast TV over mobile

IPTV Market Reports Published interactive TV market research Europe's source for iTV news, features and analysis for the broadband media industry

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