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CES 2006: Tech Tools and Toys
January 2-7, 2006 • Las Vegas, Nevada

More than 150,000 gadget-loving people gathered in Las Vegas for The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The cool factor ran high at the world’s largest technology tradeshow with over 2,500 exhibitors showcasing the latest innovations in computer games, robotics, techno wear, WiFi, Blu-ray, HD DVD and more.


SpeedRay 3000, Photo: Cher Skoubo
photo: Skoubo Graphics
SpeedRay 3000 mounts to the roof of your car for “WiFi on wheels.”
SpeedRayTM 3000
Vehicle/Mobile Electronics Honoree
Raysat Inc.

The RaySat SpeedRay 3000 turns your vehicle into a moving “hot spot,” with high-speed Internet access for WiFi devices and live satellite connection for hundreds of digital TV and music channels. Equipped with an outdoor low-profile, roof-mounted, enclosed antenna, an indoor antenna controller, a satellite modem, a WiFi router and a DBS satellite receiver, the SpeedRay 3000 provides access to terrestrial or satellite signals while the vehicle is stationary or in motion.

With the ability to share Internet access among those in the vehicle, it is easy to see why the system is useful personally or professionally—particularly in remote locations.


SlingPlayer, Photo: Cher Skoubo
photo: Skoubo Graphics
Receive local tv broadcasts on handheld computers and smartphones with SlingPlayer.
SlingPlayer for Windows Mobile
Wireless Communications Honoree
Sling Media, Inc.

The SlingboxTM was a hit of last year’s CES, allowing remote viewing of your home TV and video via any broadband Internet connection. This year, Sling Media extended the range of the Slingbox with SlingPlayer for Windows Mobile, giving users access to their TV on any WiFi- or 3G-enabled handheld computer or smartphone.

SlingPlayer for Windows Mobile has been available since June 2005. Sling Media announced the planned release of SlingPlayer Mac in the second quarter of 2006, followed by a PAL version of Slingbox in the first half of the year.


H20 Audio on surfer, Photo: H2O Audio
photo: H2O Audio
Strap on H2O Audio and enjoy music while surfing.
H2O Audio DV and SV Series
H2O Audio

It is now possible to listen to tunes on your portable music player underwater with H2O Audio.The waterproof housings, headsets and accessories keep music players protected during use in water, snow and other extreme environments.

H2O Audio, Photo: Cher Skoubo
photo: Skoubo Graphics
Listen to your iPod underwater with H2O Audio.
The DV Series is designed for scuba sports. Amplified audio and the ability to withstand increased underwater pressure enable the player to be used to a depth of 200 ft (60 m).

The SV Series, or surface version, is created for use in water sports such as surfing, wakeboarding, swimming and kayaking. Particular attention has been made to the placement of the headphones and player on the body so they do not create additional resistance while competing in sports.


Audex Jacket, Photo: Cher Skoubo
photo: Skoubo Graphics
The Audex Jacket is equipped with wireless technology.
AudexTM Jacket
Wireless Communications Honoree

Audex Jacket is the first to combine coveted Burton apparel with leading Motorola Bluetooth® wireless technology. The technology-enhanced outerwear provides music and wireless communication on or off the mountain.

Audex Jacket control panel, Photo: Cher Skoubo
photo: Skoubo Graphics
Music and phone control panel is built into jacket sleeve.
The jacket includes a control panel to play music or answer calls, built-in stereo headphones and mic, and a rechargeable battery pack. A Bluetooth compatible phone can be connected and stowed in the pocket, and when it is time to clean the jacket, simply remove the electronics.


Lightglove, Photo: Cher Skoubo
photo: Skoubo Graphics
Monitor your personal health statistics with Garmin Forerunner.
Garmin Forerunner 305
Personal Electronics Honoree
Garmin International

Designed for athletes of all levels, the Forerunner 305 continuously monitors your heart rate, speed, distance, pace and calories burned so you can train more effectively and efficiently.

A high-sensitivity GPS receiver and wrist-wrapping GPS antenna improves tracking of your performance. A detailed post-workout analysis is available after the data has been processed with the Training Center PC software.


MP3 Player, Photo: Cher Skoubo
photo: Skoubo Graphics
Lightglove uses light to sense a gamer‘s hand motion.
Electronic Gaming Honoree

Lightglove Virtual PC Gaming Controller is a wireless device that straps to a user’s wrist, detecting finger motion to create virtual buttons. This virtual control is an asset to users who cannot manipulate a traditional keyboard and mouse, and represents a future direction in human interface to computers.

Imagine computers that can be worn. Instead of using a traditional keyboard and mouse, you use the Lightglove and move your fingers in tiny beams of light. Photo-detectors track these movements and map them to a screen keyboard.

The product is compatible with both PC and Macintosh systems.


PowerSquid Surge Protector, Photo: Cher Skoubo
photo: Skoubo Graphics
PowerSquid Surge Protector provides power protection and ease of use.
PowerSquid Surge Protector
Mobile Home Office Honoree
Designed by Trident Design, LLC

The PowerSquid Surge Protector is an elegant and practical solution to the modern, mobile, multiple-device lifestyle. Thinking outside of the typical “power-strip box,” this design gives users flexibility to accommodate multiple sizes of plugs with greater ease of use.

Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) provide surge protection. Purestream
TM power filtering and TripwireTM Circuit technology contribute to increased power protection. PowerSquid Surge Protector also includes connectivity protection for dial-up, ethernet or coax cables.

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