iTV: ATVEF Transport B
Interactive TV: ATVEF Transport B
Interactive TV: ATVEF Transport B
Interactive TV: ATVEF Transport B
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Colorado iTV content
appears in the
Film & Video article
“PBS’ Interactive Initiative.”

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Test and Refine
A software emulator made it easier to test interactive coding and design while in the process of creation. However, the iTV emulator simulates rather than duplicates the actual broadcast. Additional tests were conducted on the target platform to check for loading times, color and luminance, design integrity and coding.

Life 360 on the Web

The 13-episode Life 360 documentary series had a rich and active existence online incorporating national and local station websites. Online content was updated on a weekly basis to coordinate with each new iTV broadcast episode. Interactive broadcast viewers could select a “browse web later” icon while watching the program to store URLs to be visited later. Items mentioned in local iTV insertions were presented in greater detail on stations’ Life 360 websites.

Viewer Feedback

Viewers participating in the trial provided detailed accounts of their experiences viewing the interactive Life 360 series. PBS compiled surveys, interviews and reports to assess the current iTV systems and content. This information was useful in improving public television’s iTV architecture, content and procedures.

Pictured on right: Colorado iTV content
for Six Degrees of Separation in the
interactive PBS series Life 360.
iTV ATVEF Transport B Trial was a collaboration
between PBS, eight public television stations
including Rocky Mountain PBS, and Microsoft.
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